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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Experienced Real Estate Development, Construction & Business Litigation Counsel

Bailyn Law is a hard-hitting, fast-moving small law firm focused on real estate development, construction/logistics and business litigation.

I advise, protect and defend developers, trade contractors and transportation/logistics firms from a variety of risks including non-payment by building owners, property managers and prime contractors, unfair dealing by corporate partners and directors, malpractice lawsuits against architects and engineers, construction defect, late completion and job abandonment claims against trade contractors, government investigations, fines and penalties including back tax negotiations, bankruptcy and general litigation for defamation, theft of trade secrets, breach of non-compete and the like.

I also advise clients on a variety of business and contractual matters to avoid litigation entirely and when that is not possible, to minimize the cost and damage. This often includes government contract review and negotiation, bank finance renegotiation, bankruptcy and/or dissolution, recovering or getting paid for goods in the possession of an insolvent customer, insurance policy review and negotiation, drafting of master service agreements, subcontractor agreements, mechanics liens and judgment enforcement, and asset protection structures for buildings, equipment and cash flow,and legally compliant capital raises for business expansions and new companies.

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Business Disputes & Litigation

"Big firms do average work at a stellar price. We do stellar work at an average price." Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq.

Liability Avoidance Training

"Lawsuits often have their greatest impact on people who are neither parties to litigation, nor even aware that it is going on." Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York