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You want a good lawyer, right?

The reality here in New York City is that the bad guys usually win in court. Lawbreakers thrive in chaos, which is exactly what we have when the courts are packed with cases and budgets are always being cut. And to add insult to injury, oftentimes, judges not only lack the resources to protect the good guys, but the authority as well. It often happens that compassionate state court judges rule in favor of the victim, and then the aggressor gets the decision overturned on appeal. They then return to torturing their victim. It happens too often that the victim has to pay the aggressor’s legal fees (to put a cherry on top.) Bottom line is that judges maybe able to help some victims some of the time but excellent representation is completely non-negotiable.

So how would a good lawyer get justice? The answer is he fights for it. He fights over everything. He relentlessly exercises every legal right that his client has. Bullies respect strength. The harder you fight and the more successful you are, the faster the case will be over and the less expensive it will be. If they think they can beat you in a battle of attrition, that is exactly what they are going to do.

I cannot promise you that I will win your case. But I can promise one heck of a good fight. I promise to give ‘em hell, and that’s more justice than you’re going to get elsewhere.

  • Bankruptcy & Debt Workouts

    • Consumer Bankruptcy
      Consumer Bankruptcy

      When a fresh start is your best option, we will get your debts wiped clean.

    • Business Bankruptcy
      Business Bankruptcy

      Corporations/partnerships: reduce/cancel major debts & renegotiate contracts.

    • Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings
      Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings

      We bring/defend adversary claims including preference & fraudulent transfer.

    • Bankruptcy Alternativestion
      Bankruptcy Alternatives

      Bankruptcy is one of many tools at our disposal for resolving debt crises.

    • Creditor & Trustee Representatio
      Creditor & Trustee Representation

      We’ll exercise all legal rights for you & defend you against trustee lawsuits.

  • Commercial Litigation & Debt Collection

    • Contracts and Agreements
      Contracts and Agreements

      Let us draft agreements that prevent disputes, rather than encouraging them.

    • Business Litigation & Arbitration
      Business Litigation & Arbitration

      Assertive, experienced, well-prepared attorneys will stand up for your rights.

    • Real Estate Law & Litigation
      Real Estate Law & Litigation

      You purchase, sell, lease or assign – we draft, review, negotiate & litigate.

    • Disputing Deceptive Or Illegal Billing Practices
      Disputing Deceptive Or Illegal Billing Practices

      Those sky-high invoices maybe illegal and unenforceable or at least negotiable.

    • B2B Collections & Judgment Enforcement
      B2B Collections & Judgment Enforcement

      We handle complex B2B collections cases including fraud and hidden assets.

    • Insurance Claim Disputes
      Insurance Claim Disputes

      When insurance companies shamefully refuse to pay legitimate claims we can help.

  • Trusts & Estates Litigation

    • Plan Your Estate
      Plan Your Estate

      We’ll see your final wishes are followed & potential family disputes avoided.

    • Make a Claim Under a Will
      Make a Claim Under a Will

      If your share of an estate is in jeopardy, we will\ see you get what’s right.

    • Contest a Will or Trust
      Contest a Will or Trust

      We’ll contest a will or trust to safeguard your rights or the intent of donor.

    • Challenge a Dishonest Fiduciary
      Challenge a Dishonest Fiduciary

      We will get you relief from an abusive trustee, money manager, or fiduciary.

    • Trusts

      We create trusts to protect funds and devote them to a present or future goal.

    • Estate Administration Attorneys
      Estate Administration Attorneys

      We help you become executor & perform your duties without personal liability.

  • Real Estate Law

    • Real Estate Transactions
      Real Estate Transactions

      We understand contracts. We’ll advise when to buy/sell, and when to walk away.

    • Real Estate Litigation
      Real Estate Litigation

      Skillful, affordable attorneys. Title/deed/commission disputes, forced sales.

    • Leases & Landlord-Tenant Law
      Leases & Landlord-Tenant Law

      We draft, review, negotiate, break and enforce residential/commercial leases.

    • Cooperative & Condominium Law
      Cooperative & Condominium Law

      Legal advice for deed & stock transfers, guarantees & pets. Sharp litigators.

    • Real Estate Finance & Investors
      Real Estate Finance & Investors

      We’ll negotiate for senior priority, maximum control and the greatest return.

  • Startup & Small Business Law

    • Business Startup And Governance
      Business Startup and Governance

      Don’t sink before you ever swim. We’ll protect you and set you up for success.

    • 501 Non-Profits & Foundations
      501 Non-Profits & Foundations

      We’ll get it right from the start so your charity does not become a liability.

    • Franchises

      Franchising means big profits & big risks. Our due diligence makes you safer.

    • Internet-Related Business Contracts
      Internet-Related Business Contracts

      The law is far behind technology. Creative attorneys prevent major problems.

    • Intellectual Property
      Intellectual Property

      Legally safeguard your ideas, designs & business models from misappropriation.

    • Business Purchase, Sale & Financing
      Business Purchase, Sale & Financing

      We provide the complex legal due diligence required to buy or sell a company.

    • Employment Contracts & Disputes
      Employment Contracts & Disputes

      We structure employment contracts that look friendly but fully protect you.

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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq. , Founder

Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., is a New York City-based attorney, author and speaker with practice area expertise in commercial real estate and bankruptcy law. Prior to founding The Bailyn Law Firm, Mr. Bailyn served as in-house counsel for multiple companies, where he advised on all legal aspects of major business and financial transactions including private equity, spin-offs, real estate, and restructuring transactions, for more than thirteen years.

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