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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

"I built Bailyn Law from the ground up to solve problems and resolve disputes for entrepreneurs."

We strategically and intelligently draft and negotiate business contracts, resolve business disputes and manage business debts. We use whatever strategies are most effective at the time from friendly negotiation to more neutral mediation/arbitration to full-scale scorched-earth litigation.

Business Contracts And Transactions

A contract is not supposed to be a garbage can full of meaningless boilerplate. A contract is supposed to be a detailed list of the most important objectives both sides wish to achieve worded in a way that anticipates likely problems and plans in advance how to resolve those problems so that the relationship stays good for the long-term. If you approach contracts with this understanding, you will have a relatively short document that resolves most problems without the need for outside intervention. It's a living document. Making a good contract doesn't take more time or effort than making a lazy one, it just takes a better attitude and more experience, both of which you'll get here.

We deal with many types of high-value commercial contracts including leases, employment and stock option agreements, loan documents, licensing and manufacturing agreements, non-disclosure agreements, software terms and conditions, consultant agreements and many other documents requiring expertise and intelligence

Commercial Litigation - Protecting And Defending Entrepreneurs

There is nothing more disgusting and disrespectful than when people steal services or trade secrets from honest, hard-working entrepreneurs. When potential clients contact me, it is often a situation where a contract was signed, vendors were hired, services were fully delivered with no complaints and the invoice was never paid. Or a vendor, contractor or employee just went ahead and violated their contract and stole valuable trade secrets. They unilaterally gave themselves permission to raid someone's business.

The business owner has to pay vendors or has already invested very heavily in their business, so the business owner is now losing a lot of money. Many entrepreneurs feel that shameless stealing like this is inexcusable and must be remedied.

If you have invested your time and money and deserve fair compensation, or if someone is using the court as a sword to try and bully you into giving up your money or property, let's take a stand in your company's defense.

Bankruptcy, Tax Debts & Creditor/Investor Negotiations

The beautiful thing about our country is that it's possible to try out an idea, learn from it, and try again without being completely wiped out.

Entrepreneurs come to us because they have learned how to make their ideas successful, but the cost of learning was high and now there are piles of debt that need to be dealt with including SBA loans, tax debts, building and equipment leases, loans to investors, credit card debts, bank lines of credit, etc. Debt is like a cancer in that it quickly gets worse and worse until you get the necessary treatment, at which point it can oftentimes be put into remission or wiped out entirely.

We have a lot of experience helping business owners manage debt from bankruptcy to out of court restructurings to simple negotiation for more time or less money, to fully closing companies.

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Business Disputes & Litigation

"Big firms do average work at a stellar price. We do stellar work at an average price." Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq.