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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Experienced Corporate Attorney Representing Startup Founders & Directors

Bailyn Law was founded by accomplished attorney-entrepreneur Brad Bailyn. We aim to be the most action-oriented law firm available to small businesses. Our clients are founders and owner-operators, social impact investors, and other members of the NYC small business community. If you prefer a smaller, high energy firm over a larger, less efficient firm then we're the correct choice for you.

From intellectual property and technology licensing to corporate governance and litigation, we're on it. We're creative, skillful negotiators who find common ground and close mission-critical deals. We're empathetic, but we're also strong, fully capable of taking on rogue directors, fiduciaries, employees and competitors who break the law and stymie the efforts of well-intentioned, honest founders. We're active on social media, maintain great press contacts, and have a network of fierce, experienced attorneys ready to come in on your side.

The website lists a lot of services but the bottom line is that we protect you from problems and get you out of trouble quicker and more affordably than many other firms, so give us a call.

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Business Disputes & Litigation

"Big firms do average work at a stellar price. We do stellar work at an average price." Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq.

Liability Avoidance Training

"Lawsuits often have their greatest impact on people who are neither parties to litigation, nor even aware that it is going on." Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York