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I'm Bradley Bailyn, the founder of The Bailyn Law Firm.

I have one simple mission which is to make justice accessible to victims of financial dishonesty, including abusive litigation and inexcusable breaches of contract. I fight for anyone who is being taken advantage of - individuals, investors, professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs and even mid-sized companies.

My typical clients are:

1. Deprived of money or property to which they are lawfully entitled, or

2. Facing oftentimes unfair and always overwhelming financial risks or obligations disproportionate to any ability they have to ever repay them.

Unfortunately it's very difficult to send someone to prison for fraud, dishonesty or theft of services when cloaked in a contract. But what we can do is make their life extremely difficult and force them into the shadows more than they already are, until we reach an acceptable level of compensation.

Similarly, sophisticated and corporate creditors oftentimes ignore debtors' legitimate reasons for non-payment and abuse the legal process to try and take resources to which they would never be entitled if the debtor could afford to defend themselves.

For that reason bankruptcy laws exist and we help debtors take advantage of them as the only affordable strategy to resolve many types of debt and lawsuits and get a fresh start. It's certainly possible that the same person is a creditor seeking financial justice and a debtor seeking mercy at the same time, because someone else's lies and fraud have left them unable to stay in business or meet their obligations.

I've been practicing law since 2004, much of the time as in-house counsel for small businesses. I have personally experienced the pains of whimsical non-payment by people of means. I now dedicate my full-time efforts to achieving justice for wronged and very frustrated victims of financial wrongdoing.

In addition, finishing the job and collecting the money awarded by the court is something many great law firms don't focus on. In fact, experienced fraudsters oftentimes put little or no money into litigation and focus their efforts on expertly hiding their assets because they know that this is the Achilles' heal for most good lawyers, and the most effective use of their resources.

These folks engage in fraudulent asset protection schemes ranging from doing business in other people's names to selling or transferring key assets during litigation or bankruptcy to placing phony liens on their property. I make it a point to be on the lookout for this kind of thing and recover as much money as possible for my client.

For that reason commercial debt collection and judgment enforcement are every bit as important to me as the litigation side and I focus on it.

On the other side of the equation, I believe the punishment should fit the crime. I provide first-rate bankruptcy litigation services to honest consumers and companies who made bad decisions or experienced bad luck and are facing overwhelming and paralyzing lawsuits or financial obligations which make it impossible to get back on their feet, settle their obligations and move on.

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