Without any doubt, the mission of this law firm is to do the highest and greatest good for the greatest number of people.

The highest good: In the context of practicing law, the highest good means:

1. Listen. There are all these corporate trainings on how to listen. It's not that people don't know how to listen - we all listen just fine when it comes to things we care about. Right? It's that listening takes time and time is money. Who has enough time or money? But listening is essential if you're going to truly provide an exceptional service because everything is in the details.

2. Think. A lot of people listen mechanically. We have all worked with professionals who spend too much time asking irrelevant questions from lists and gathering irrelevant information, and then produce a work product with mistakes that never would have happened if they had thought about it. Critical thinking is a skill that takes practice. There is no way around that. If someone doesn't think, they don't think, and no amount of explanation, arguing or threats are going to change that. Thinking alone in my opinion makes this a top 1% law firm.

3. Act. How mad does it get you when something bad happens and it didn't need to happen, and the only reason it happened is because the person you paid didn't want to spend an extrfew minutes and do the job right? It's always "customer's mistake" because you should know everything about every profession and do all the thinking while everyone else just processes paperwork. Right?

At my law firm, we do the kind of work that we would hope for in an ideal world. We listen, we think about your needs and we take an approach that won't blow up in your face in a few years under normal, predictable circumstances.

The greatest good:

Once you get into the realm of excellent work, which I think of as the top 1% of any profession, there are still levels of excellence.

o    Basic excellence meaning that the work you came for is done completely and to the highest standards

o    There is a higher level of excellence where the service provider suggests things you didn't even know were possible, which help you meet your goals better than you ever thought could be done.

o    Finally, there is bringing to the table original thinking and insight that materially alters your circumstances and may not even relate to the problem you came in for. This doesn't always happen obviously, but when you're truly doing what you are called to do as a professional, this is not at all uncommon.  

The greatest number:

You typically get what you pay for. Sometimes you get a bargain, usually not. Enough said about that. My goal is to help almost everyone while still doing the highest and the greatest good. So for that reason we need to be highly creative with our services and pricing. I strive to educate people through social media, live speaking events, press interviews, partnerships with companies and non-profits, telephone consultations, limited representation agreements, pro bono services and more. Oftentimes we can do something great for everyone, even if it's not everything they need. We're always trying to do more with less.

If you have ideas, please tell me about them.

Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq.

NYC Social Entrepreneurship & Business Transformation Attorney | Philanthropist, Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Is Your Attorney Afraid Of Success?

In the title I asked if your attorney is afraid of success. It's funny but it's certainly not a joke. There is a strong, unspoken rule that everything should be compromised, settled and made to disappear. When you live by that rule, never taking a meaningful stand for any reason, everybody likes you - your colleagues, adversaries and often your own clients. Breakout professional success is not just about being good enough though, it requires a certain comfort level with people resenting you because they feel you got more than you deserved. You got what they deserved. If that's what justice requires, so be it.

I'm an activist for entrepreneurs, founders, impact investors, intellectual property owners, trust beneficiaries and other producers of real value against those people who would waste, misuse or embezzle it. There is a clear right and a clear wrong and not every matter can or should be settled.

My background is in entrepreneurship. For the past 15 years I have practiced law, but primarily as general counsel and CFO for companies I co-founded. My projects are all Internet/media companies, including one of the largest websites in the world by traffic count (which also got funding from an A-list investment bank.) I have sold all my companies, including several at substantial valuations, and co-authored a best-selling book.

My current venture is this business law firm. As general counsel I have hired quite a few attorneys and I have been consistently disappointed. I run a far better law firm. You expect your attorney to think like an entrepreneur. You expect speed, originality and efficiency. You expect regular good news and long-term success. You get that here.

There is also a dark side to running successful companies, and that is having to defend your turf. Both for my own companies and for clients, I have dealt with battles over board seats and control, purchase and sale of companies including heavy due diligence, international compliance with privacy and employment laws, Know Your Customer issues, employees and competitors stealing trade secrets and other intellectual property, recruiters getting "trojan horse" employees into companies to discover and poach valuable talent, and hundreds more issues.

I deal with all stages of the company lifecycle from startup to growth to maturity to bankruptcy and dissolution. Go ahead and call me. Even if we don't do business, I can probably introduce you to the right people, if you have accomplished some level of success and it makes sense to do so. Please also feel free to take a look at my Linkedin profile.

Bradley Bailyn is a leading New York City attorney whose practice focuses on business, finance & real estate.

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