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Is Your Attorney Afraid Of Success?

In the title I asked if your attorney is afraid of success. It's funny but it's certainly not a joke. There is a strong, unspoken rule that everything should be compromised, settled and made to disappear. When you live by that rule, never taking a meaningful stand for any reason, everybody likes you - your colleagues, adversaries and often your own clients.

But professional excellence is not about being good enough. It requires a certain comfort level with people resenting you because they feel you got more than you deserved. You got what they deserved. There are times when everybody wins and I always shoot for that outcome. But realistically, people often hire lawyers when there is a zero-sum game. Somebody needs to win and somebody needs to lose.

I consider myself an activist for property owners and developers, trade contractors, design and construction professionals, logistics/transport companies and entrepreneurs in general. I believe that I protect people who create real value for society from people who seek to waste, misuse or embezzle resources that rightfully belong elsewhere. There is a clear right and a clear wrong and not every matter can or should be settled every time.

On a personal level, clients hire me because I'm an independent, take-charge person who does not shirk from responsibility. I have been in charge of overseeing other law firms, am often the only person trusted with intimate knowledge of my clients' business arrangements and personal assets for the benefit of their children if something were to happen to them, and I have a massive list of industry contacts to use for my clients' benefit.

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