Without any doubt, the mission of this law firm is to do the highest and greatest good for the greatest number of people.

The highest good: In the context of practicing law, the highest good means:

1. Listen. There are all these corporate trainings on how to listen. It's not that people don't know how to listen - we all listen just fine when it comes to things we care about. Right? It's that listening takes time and time is money. Who has enough time or money? But listening is essential if you're going to truly provide an exceptional service because everything is in the details.

2. Think. A lot of people listen mechanically. We have all worked with professionals who spend too much time asking irrelevant questions from lists and gathering irrelevant information, and then produce a work product with mistakes that never would have happened if they had thought about it. Critical thinking is a skill that takes practice. There is no way around that. If someone doesn't think, they don't think, and no amount of explanation, arguing or threats are going to change that. Thinking alone in my opinion makes this a top 1% law firm.

3. Act. How mad does it get you when something bad happens and it didn't need to happen, and the only reason it happened is because the person you paid didn't want to spend an extrfew minutes and do the job right? It's always "customer's mistake" because you should know everything about every profession and do all the thinking while everyone else just processes paperwork. Right?

At my law firm, we do the kind of work that we would hope for in an ideal world. We listen, we think about your needs and we take an approach that won't blow up in your face in a few years under normal, predictable circumstances.

The greatest good:

Once you get into the realm of excellent work, which I think of as the top 1% of any profession, there are still levels of excellence.

o    Basic excellence meaning that the work you came for is done completely and to the highest standards

o    There is a higher level of excellence where the service provider suggests things you didn't even know were possible, which help you meet your goals better than you ever thought could be done.

o    Finally, there is bringing to the table original thinking and insight that materially alters your circumstances and may not even relate to the problem you came in for. This doesn't always happen obviously, but when you're truly doing what you are called to do as a professional, this is not at all uncommon.  

The greatest number:

You typically get what you pay for. Sometimes you get a bargain, usually not. Enough said about that. My goal is to help almost everyone while still doing the highest and the greatest good. So for that reason we need to be highly creative with our services and pricing. I strive to educate people through social media, live speaking events, press interviews, partnerships with companies and non-profits, telephone consultations, limited representation agreements, pro bono services and more. Oftentimes we can do something great for everyone, even if it's not everything they need. We're always trying to do more with less.

If you have ideas, please tell me about them.

The Bailyn Law Firm

To do the highest and greatest good for the greatest number of people

We Play By The Rules.   This is important and it really differentiates our firm. A lot of times people face the heartbreaking question of breaking the law or losing their case and possibly everything they’ve ever worked for. There is no middle ground for them. The reality is that if you work with a good lawyer you can obey the law and still accomplish everything that you need to accomplish - almost all of the time. The rest of the time it’s simply not worth the jeopardy of breaking the law because you can do so much legally. 

But again this requires a good, competent attorney who really understands the intricacies of the law and puts in the time to think about how the law applies to your specific circumstances. The rest of the time it’s easier to just follow the law and not lose sleep and take on the tremendous jeopardy that comes from breaking it. This is a real and critical distinction between our firm and most other firms and it truly matters.

We Stay On The Offense.  One of the most meaningful quotes that I ever read was in the news where the American government was planning to send some fighters piles of medical supplies and they replied, “...with all due respect, we need bullets not bandages.” That’s an expression that really stuck with me.

Litigation or even contract negotiations are like a boxing match where victory comes from landing shots on the other side, not from dodging and blocking and certainly not from getting knocked out. If your law firm strictly plays defense you’re going to slowly lose the case, motion by motion. Your attorney needs to be thinking of new ideas and be the one who is bringing the motions and making new arguments and pushing the case forward, not the one who is reacting and reacting and reacting. Staying on the offense doubles the complexity and difficulty of the case but ultimately it gets the case finished so much more quickly and cost-effectively because when your adversary thinks you’re weak they are going to feel empowered to keep going and going. If they see you winning they are more likely to bow out or lose morale.

We Fighting Hard.  Many “aggressive” attorneys file piles of sloppy, frivolous motions for the purpose of harassment, which makes the judge not like them, forces their client to pay their adversary’s legal fees and results in losing most or all of their motions, and wasting all of their client’s precious funds, too. In a street fight, throwing a punch and missing is no good because it wastes energy and opens you up to a painful counterstrike. Same thing in a court case. If you’re going to file a motion you better put in the time and fill it with research and evidence and actually win. 

Litigating more frequently and keeping the offense is far superior to doing so less frequently and strictly playing defense. But winning is still the most essential aspect of any strategy. Very few attorneys or their clients are intimidated by large amounts of frivolous motions. They are intimidated by losing their rights one successful motion after the next. And that is the hallmark of a truly effective law firm - we outwork our adversaries.

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