Without any doubt, the mission of this law firm is to do the highest and greatest good for the greatest number of people.

The highest good: In the context of practicing law, the highest good means:

1. Listen. There are all these corporate trainings on how to listen. It's not that people don't know how to listen - we all listen just fine when it comes to things we care about. Right? It's that listening takes time and time is money. Who has enough time or money? But listening is essential if you're going to truly provide an exceptional service because everything is in the details.

2. Think. A lot of people listen mechanically. We have all worked with professionals who spend too much time asking irrelevant questions from lists and gathering irrelevant information, and then produce a work product with mistakes that never would have happened if they had thought about it. Critical thinking is a skill that takes practice. There is no way around that. If someone doesn't think, they don't think, and no amount of explanation, arguing or threats are going to change that. Thinking alone in my opinion makes this a top 1% law firm.

3. Act. How mad does it get you when something bad happens and it didn't need to happen, and the only reason it happened is because the person you paid didn't want to spend an extrfew minutes and do the job right? It's always "customer's mistake" because you should know everything about every profession and do all the thinking while everyone else just processes paperwork. Right?

At my law firm, we do the kind of work that we would hope for in an ideal world. We listen, we think about your needs and we take an approach that won't blow up in your face in a few years under normal, predictable circumstances.

The greatest good:

Once you get into the realm of excellent work, which I think of as the top 1% of any profession, there are still levels of excellence.

o    Basic excellence meaning that the work you came for is done completely and to the highest standards

o    There is a higher level of excellence where the service provider suggests things you didn't even know were possible, which help you meet your goals better than you ever thought could be done.

o    Finally, there is bringing to the table original thinking and insight that materially alters your circumstances and may not even relate to the problem you came in for. This doesn't always happen obviously, but when you're truly doing what you are called to do as a professional, this is not at all uncommon.  

The greatest number:

You typically get what you pay for. Sometimes you get a bargain, usually not. Enough said about that. My goal is to help almost everyone while still doing the highest and the greatest good. So for that reason we need to be highly creative with our services and pricing. I strive to educate people through social media, live speaking events, press interviews, partnerships with companies and non-profits, telephone consultations, limited representation agreements, pro bono services and more. Oftentimes we can do something great for everyone, even if it's not everything they need. We're always trying to do more with less.

If you have ideas, please tell me about them.

Advancing Founders, Entrepreneurs And Impact Investors.

Corporate Litigation | Government Investigations & Fines | Unfair Competition & Trade Secrets Theft | Breach of Fiduciary Duty | Due Diligence | Compliance | Private Foundations & Charities

Our mission is to protect, defend and advance the rights of founding shareholders, entrepreneurs, impact investors, trust beneficiaries and other real or intellectual property owners against those aggressive and dishonest people who would waste, misuse or confiscate those assets.

We understand that your company and/or property is your life's investment. It is your retirement plan, your children's future and the embodiment of everything you believe in wrapped up in one. In the case of a company, it maybe all of those things for the employees, as well. Many people are left physically ill by the feeling of helplessness as they watch their lives go up in smoke. In this case the situation rises to the level of a medical emergency.

If you're saying, "Yes, that's me!" it's because your situation is unfortunately common. But the good news is that there are lawyers out there who get the risks and the consequences and are brave enough to win.

Boarding Up The Windows

We don’t like to see our clients spend money on legal fees just to do it. The first thing that we need to do is meet and determine what is the least costly way to resolve the situation. This may seem like common sense, but a lot of companies and other assets have no independent value. A lot of times they have negative value. Literally all of the company's value is in the knowledge and relationships belonging to one person, and the company is otherwise a pile of debts and liabilities. Or a piece of real estate is so tied up with mortgages and other liens that it does not require any further protection. In cases like that we oftentimes just close the company, or file personal bankruptcy to get rid of lawsuits, debts and other the liabilities.

When companies or other assets do have independent value because of valuable patents, leases, equipment, brand recognition, etc. then we have to protect that value. Depending on what the threat is, we can do a lot of different things. We can sell, lease or license assets, renegotiate debts, end relationships with vendors, contractors and staff, file lawsuits with emergency restraining orders, limit the scope and duration of investigations by government agencies, etc.

Direct Action When Your Company Or Property Are Under Attack

You maybe dealing with lawsuits, government fines and investigations, activists, abusive employees, severe breach of contract or theft of trade secrets or other property. No matter what it is, aggressors almost all do the same thing. They play “good guy” expertly. They loudly and dramatically cry out for justice while depriving their victim of justice. They frame their intimidation tactics as necessary in the face of the "true aggressor" (their victim.)

Settling with these people is a moving target. They pretend to be near settling but they never settle because the discussions are just pretext to distract attention from their illegal conduct. The most sickening part of the whole thing is that these people are expert manipulators and oftentimes judges, the press, customers and even the other attorney (your lawyer) buy what they’re selling, forcing the victim to be victimized repeatedly until they walk away from their assets. A key part of our job is getting your story heard.

At this firm, we treat scorpions like scorpions. We match their aggression with the harshest justice the law allows. We don't try to deal with them like reasonable people because they're not. We do everything within our power to put the consequences of their actions in their face. This gets our clients relief as quickly as possible.

Examples Of When To Call Us

  • Your're a shareholder being denied your rights by a dominant shareholder who controls the board, refusing to hold meetings, elections and count the votes with transparency,
  • You're the beneficiary of a trust and your money is being embezzled by the trustee,
  • You made a loan and you have not been fully repaid as agreed,
  • Your company made a contract and the other side has not performed as agreed,
  • You are an investor and the project is not being competently and honestly completed,
  • You need to buy or sell a business, or you already did but the other side is not performing,
  • You need due diligence performed before entering a business relationship,
  • You need proper documents drawn up to structure an investment or a new business.

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6301 Mill Lane Brooklyn, NY 11234

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6301 Mill Lane Brooklyn, NY 11234


One Rockefeller Plaza, Tenth Floor New York, NY 10020