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  • Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements

    Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements

    Employment agreements are minefields…

    An effective employment agreement is like a viper in the grass. It is written in friendly, disarming language while quietly invoking powerful legal rights, giving the drafter an immense legal and financial upper hand. It’s often accompanied by a short window of opportunity to accept, incentives such as signing bonuses, and scare tactics such as telling you that someone else is ready to sign and get your spot.

    We understand that you don’t have unlimited time or bargaining power and we can give you a very quick turnaround. We’ll help you to understand what it is that you are agreeing to and let you know which risks are marginal, moderate and severe so you can just bring up the few most costly and damaging issues. We’ll also let you know what the industry accepted compromise language is. We have seen countless employment agreements and are familiar with many industries.

    Call us for a free consultation at 646-326-9971.

    • Manufacturing, Fabrication & Industrial
      Manufacturing, Fabrication & Industrial

      We build relationships. Trade secrets, non-compete, job injury risks and IP.

    • Agri-Business

      Nurture opportunity. Avoid known, predictable agribusiness employment risks.

    • Construction & Building Trades
      Construction & Building Trades

      Construction industry disputes are costly. We negotiate based on experience.

    • Professional Services
      Professional Services

      Our skilled attorneys structure complex, long-term professional relationships.

    • Online & Cloud-Based Businesses
      Online & Cloud-Based Businesses

      Our friendly negotiating style joins great tech people with leading companies.

    • Banking & Financial Services
      Banking & Financial Services

      We understand industry compensation structures & get contracts signed faster.

    • Dealerships & Distributors
      Dealerships & Distributors

      We structure successful, long-term sales & management relationships.

    • Healthcare & Related Businesses
      Healthcare & Related Businesses

      Avoid surprise liability. Hire attorneys who understand healthcare risks & law.

    • Service Businesses
      Service Businesses

      Good contracts lead to great relationships. When we negotiate, everyone wins.

    • Lodging, Tourism & Recreation
      Lodging, Tourism & Recreation

      Well-defined responsibilities & employment status is key. We’ll get it right.

    • Retail & Restaurants
      Retail & Restaurants

      Your industry is a hotbed of employment litigation. Better have a good lawyer!

  • Leases & Real Estate Sales Contracts

    Leases & Real Estate Sales Contracts

    It’s good to look before you leap.

    Real estate contracts are the most difficult and costly to get out of. We know you’re desperate for that amazing space and we’ll work quickly and effectively to get you in there. We’ll suggest commonly accepted compromise language where necessary to shield you from language that leaves you wide open to unfair and abusive behaviors and gives you some way of getting out in an emergency.

    We commonly deal with both commercial and residential leases, drafting them, reviewing them and negotiating them. We also do real estate purchase, sales and financing transactions, as well as estate planning work including powers of attorney and deed transfers. Call us for a free consultation at 646-326-9971.

    • Purchase/Sale Agreements
      Purchase/Sale Agreements

      We’ll draft the contract needed to assure you the benefits of your bargaining.

    • Construction, Renovation & Repair Contracts
      Construction, Renovation & Repair Contracts

      Avoid or resolve construction/ renovation issues before they become nightmares.

    • Lien Satisfactions
      Lien Satisfactions

      Let us take care of lien satisfaction while you take care of business.

    • Lease & Sub-tenant Agreements
      Lease & Sub-tenant Agreements

      Avoid costly mistakes and disputes w/ agreements that set fair expectations.

    • Contract Assignments & Investor Services
      Contract Assignments & Investor Services

      Drafting assignment agreements is truly the art of the deal. We do them well.

    • Deeds & Property Ownership Changes
      Deeds & Property Ownership Changes

      We handle deed errors, title transfers & structure asset protection entities.

  • Wills, Healthcare Directives & Powers of Attorney

    Wills, Healthcare Directives & Powers of Attorney

    We offer remote, same day, and traveling attorney services to meet urgent estate planning needs.

    Our services include wills, trusts, healthcare directives, powers of attorney and court appearances. Conventional wisdom dictates that everybody should make a will but the reality is that people don’t do it until the last possible minute. If that is your situation, please give us a call at 646-326-9971.

    • Simple Wills
      Simple Wills

      We draft clear, effective, and enforcable wills to enforce your last wishes.

    • General & Medical Powers of Attorney Forms
      General & Medical Powers of Attorney Forms

      Carefully delegate the authority to make decisions if you are incapacitated.

    • Healthcare Directives
      Healthcare Directives

      Make it clear ahead of time how you want difficult medical decisions handled.

    • Guardianship Agreements
      Guardianship Agreements

      We safeguard those most precious to you when drafting guardianship agreements.

    • Notary Services
      Notary Services

      Guarantee the authenticity of your identity & signature on important papers.

    • Minor, Special Needs & Pet Trusts
      Minor, Special Needs & Pet Trusts

      Safeguard all who depend on you. Carefully protect their futures using trusts.

  • Enforce Your Rights

    Enforce Your Rights

    People take advantage of people.

    That’s just the way the world works. Attorney demand letters help you push back and get taken a bit more seriously. We are asked to draft demand letters to asset rights for people in every context imaginable, most often collections. Sometimes one letter makes all the difference. if you need to make yourself heard a bit better than is currently happening, please give us a call at 646-326-9971.

    • Collections Matters
      Collections Matters

      We enforce judgments & litigate breach of contract & collections matters.

    • Breach of Contract
      Breach of Contract

      We’ll make things right for you using the quickest, most cost-effective means.

    • Internet Takedown Demands
      Internet Takedown Demands

      Our forceful demands can avoid recourse to more costly enforcement measures.

    • Defamation & Slander
      Defamation & Slander

      Compel corrections to derogatory fake news & reviews. Sue publishers of lies.

    • Indemnification, guarantor and security agreements
      Indemnification, guarantor and security agreements

      Sue guarantors, enforce indemnfication clauses and foreclose on collateral.

    • Insurance company disputes
      Insurance company disputes

      We pursue your insurance claims with regulators and in court to get you paid.

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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq. , Founder

Bradley Bailyn is an attorney representing commercial and residential real estate investors, owners, boards, landlords, tenants, buyers, sellers, asset managers, lenders, and creditors in private transactions as well as litigated matters throughout New York.

Mr. Bailyn sees things from all perspectives, having himself held many of the above roles. Mr. Bailyn brings to the table an excellent working knowledge of the field, and also a lifetime of industry contacts which can be immeasurably helpful when emergencies arise.

Mr. Bailyn attended NYU's Stern School of Business and Brooklyn Law School. He has served as in-house counsel for multiple firms and worked on real estate deals, M&A, business restructuring, litigation and employment matters.

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