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  • Plan Your Estate

    Plan Your Estate

    Money can create an immense amount of security and joy…

    …or an equivalent level of pain and destruction of family relationships. Frequently so much is wasted on taxes, medical expenses, creditors of your beneficiaries and poor management decisions that nothing good or bad is accomplished other than wasting everyone’s time and all your money.

    It’s sickening to see a person go though a lifetime of self-deprivation for the benefit of their family, only for the money to be distributed to their heirs’ creditors after their death, with nothing going to the people the money was for. The success of your estate planning is a function of the care and strategy with which your estate is planned. Most lawyers don’t even understand the basics of estate planning, and asset preservation and protection. Possibly not even Medicaid planning. At our firm, we practice is many areas including real estate, bankruptcy, collections/creditors’ rights, estate planning and probate law. Nothing is 100%, but we can certainly get you a lot closer to your goal than other law firms.

    • Last Will & Testament
      Last Will & Testament

      Deter long, costly court battles and family feuds. Make your wishes known now.

    • Minor Guardianship Plans
      Minor Guardianship Plans

      Make arrangements for temporary/permanent guardians if you’re incapacitated.

    • General Powers of Attorney
      General Powers of Attorney

      Appoint a trustworthy person to make decisions for you if you’re incapacitated.

    • Medical Powers of Attorney
      Medical Powers of Attorney

      Ensure someone you trust carries out your wishes & makes the big decisions.

    • Tangible Personal Property List
      Tangible Personal Property List

      Avoid family feuds. Make sure your loved ones each get what is meant for them.

    • Counsel on Charitable Gifts
      Counsel on Charitable Gifts

      Specialized tax & insurance strategies multiply the value of charitable gifts.

  • Make a Claim Under a Will

    Make A Claim Under A Will

    If you think you might have a claim under a will…

    …or if someone died without leaving a will and you think you might have rights, it is very important that you use an attorney who will formally protect your rights under the law. Even more seriously, fraud is very common when it comes to wills and you want to work with a law firm that knows what to look for and will bring to your attention inconsistencies and possibly make you aware of assets you would never even know existed.

    • Claim Your Legal Inheritance
      Claim Your Legal Inheritance

      File a proper claim. Discover your rights & benefits. Potentially be executor.

    • Establish Your Legal Kinship
      Establish Your Legal Kinship

      Prove your kinship. See the assets, make a claim, possibly challenge the will.

    • Assert Your Spousal Rights
      Assert Your Spousal Rights

      Your right of election defeats trusts & other mechanisms if claimed properly.

    • et Information About The Will or Trust
      Get Information About The Will or Trust

      An ounce of daylight cures a pound of fraud. Assert your rights. See the will.

  • Contest a Will or Trust

    Contest A Will

    When the will is read, it is oftentimes entirely different from the wishes expressed by the person during their lifetime.

    It is common for caregivers and family members to take advantage of dependent seniors, tricking them, threatening them or just plain harassing them into signing papers against their will. Sometimes they have memory loss and don’t even know what they signed.

    In many cases the property in the will has already been transferred out of the decedent’s name and the will is worthless. In other cases people modify the will after it was executed, or hide the latest version of the will entirely when it suits their purposes. Cash, art, antiques and jewelry disappear and nobody knows where it is.

    Here at The Bailyn Law Firm, we can challenge wills and trusts, finding inconsistencies and digging up the evidence needed to return cash, real estate and other tangible property to the people it rightfully belongs to.

    • Fraud

      Fraud is simpler to prove than some believe. Fraud oftentimes voids the will.

    • Duress

      It is illegal for caretakers & trusted individuals to threaten elderly people.

    • Elder Abuse
      Elder abuse

      Prove emotional, physical & financial abuse. Stop cruelty from being rewarded.

    • Theft Embezzlement Conversion
      Theft / Embezzlement / Conversion

      Theft by fiduciaries & relatives is too common. Gain recovery & reimbursement.

    • Lack Capacity
      Lack of Capacity

      A will made by someone with severely impaired brain functioning can be voided.

  • Challenge a Trustee, Investment Manager or Other Fiduciary

    Challenge A Trustee

    Trustees, investment managers and other fiduciaries typically are in a position to spend other people’s money with little or no close supervision.

    This oftentimes puts them in a conflict of interest. They spend it in ways they would never spend their own money, racking up high commissions, doing favors for their business associates and sometimes earning additional compensation for themselves that was never intended. Oftentimes these people become hostile, evasive and even violent when asked for statements, accountings or really any information about what they’re doing.

    In such a situation you have to come in with guns blazing. Our firm will make formal written demands for statements, account for all of the assets, especially checkbooks and bank statements, and investigate where the money has gone. If it has been mismanaged or stolen, you’ll want to transfer it elsewhere and possibly we’ll have the fiduciary removed and bring an action for recovery of the wasted/stolen assets. Possibly there could be criminal charges if it’s an embezzlement situation.

    • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
      Breach of Fiduciary Duty

      Mismanagement, abuse of assets or discretion. Failure to disclose information.

    • Demand an Accounting
      Demand an Accounting

      Let us deal with a hostile fiduciary. We’ll investigate & account for assets.

    • Mismanagement, Self-Dealing & Conflict of Interest
      Mismanagement, Self-Dealing & Conflict of Interest

      Stop inappropriate self-enrichment, personal loans and excessive compensation.

    • Theft, Embezzlement & Conversion
      Theft, Embezzlement & Conversion

      Stop theft/fraud. Demand repayment & asset return. Criminal charges possible.

    • Remove a Trustee or Fidicary
      Remove a Trustee or Fiduciary

      Petition the court for fiduciary removal & transfer of assets to protect them.

    • Force Repayment By Trustee or Executor
      Force Repayment By Trustee or Executor

      Compel fiduciary to return or repay wasted or stolen money or assets.

    • Compel Trustee To Make Disbursements
      Compel Trustee To Make Disbursements

      Finalize the estate, account for the funds & make distributions as required.

    • Unfair Treatment of Beneficiaries
      Unfair Treatment of Beneficiaries

      Unfair distributions. Fraudulent appraisals. Refusal to account. Fight back!

    • Compel Trustee To Perform Their Duties
      Compel Trustee To Perform Their Duties

      Remove a fiduciary or compel them to behave via court order. No more abuse.

  • Trusts


    Creating trusts is truly an art.

    Trusts can be used to accomplish many different purposes from charitable goals to asset protection to taking care of a pet or needy person. Trusts can have a huge number of problems depending on how they are structured. You can make a trust with a page or two of paper, or include 100 pages of rules and procedures and protections. If you want quality, intelligent trust documents that achieve your goals then we’re a phone call away.

    • Living Trusts
      Living Trust

      Keep your assets private. Distribute them automatically. Avoid probate court.

    • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
      Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

      Enjoy tax benefits, protection from creditors, privacy & probate avoidance.

    • Trusts For Minors
      Trusts For Minors

      Fund future care, support & education of minors, save taxes & retain control.

    • Special Needs Trusts
      Special Needs Trusts

      Support your disabled loved one without losing their government benefits.

    • Pet Trusts
      Pet Trusts

      Make financial arrangements for your pet’s well-being & even pick a guardian.

    • Charitable Trusts & Foundations
      Charitable Trusts & Foundations

      Create your own charity. Exercise maximum control over the use of your gift.

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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq. , Founder

Bradley Bailyn's legal expertise runs the gamut from basic wills to living trusts to full-scale creation and administration of charitable foundations. Mr. Bailyn and his firm represent individuals creating wills and trusts, trustees, executors, administrators, foundation officers and directors, investment managers any all other fiduciaries. Of course, people who are simply beneficiaries under a will and seeking to claim their inheritance are represented.

Mr. Bailyn understands that money should be used for good, and strives to create airtight structures that make for the most pleasant possible transfer and use of funds. The Bailyn Law Firm works hard to protect fiduciaries from unreasonable challenges and advise on the safest, most constructive path forward. Unfortunately not everybody is so careful, and sometimes money brings out the worst in people. For this reason, The Bailyn Law Firm also helps to challenge wills and trusts, remove fiduciaries and sometimes even recover money which has been embezzled.

Mr. Bailyn attended NYU's Stern School of Business and Brooklyn Law School. Mr. Bailyn is a member of the New York State Bar Association and the American Bar Association, and proudly provides pro bono legal services for community-based organizations.

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