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  • People & Industries We Serve

    People & Industries We Serve

    Bankruptcy is a powerful legal option…

    …for people and companies suffering from mountains of debt from medical, credit card, mortgage, lease and other obligations. It gives you the power to renegotiate contracts and wipe out debt entirely, or modify the terms to make it affordable. Expert counsel will allow you to approach bankruptcy strategically, taking advantage of any instruments and mechanisms available to you.

    • Individuals & Sole Proprietors

      Credit cards, liens/judgments, car loans, medical debt, personal guarantees.

    • Small Businesses & Commercial Tenants
      Small Businesses & Commercial Tenants

      Save the business, or liquidate it. Taxes, leases, judgments, supplier loans.

    • Bars, Restaurants & Bakeries
      Bars, Restaurants & Bakeries

      Join famous restaurants filing every year. Tavern, Waverly Pl., Ortzi, etc.

    • Grocery Stores
      Grocery Stores

      Grocers have notoriously thin margins. We won’t let your creditors starve you.

    • Plumbing & HVAC
      Plumbing & HVAC

      Unfair contracts, injuries & creditors shouldn’t paralyze great tradespeople.

    • Real Estate Development & Construction
      Real Estate Development & Construction

      Bankruptcy is a profit center for real estate developers & construction firms.

    • Financial & Insurance Companies
      Financial & Insurance Companies

      Restructure. Recover from excessive claims, liabilities & inadequate premiums.

    • Trucking & Transportation Companies
      Trucking & Transportation Companies

      Restore profit. Restructure equipment & fleet leases. Clear judgments & liens.

    • Manufacturers & Distributors
      Manufacturers & Distributors

      Liquidate entirely or restructure debt. Exit unprofitable contracts. Recover.

    • Healthcare Facilities
      Healthcare Facilities

      Modify or cancel costly equipment & facility leases. Restructure the practice.

  • Consumer Bankruptcy

    Consumer Bankruptcy

    As consumer finance attorneys,bankruptcy is an important aspect of our business.

    It is difficult to start or operate a business, save for the future or retire, work a productive job, make investments or even provide for your family when you are living hand to mouth because of excessive debt. Sometimes we can fix your situation using tools other than bankruptcy, other times bankruptcy is the best and most effective path forward. Oftentimes bankruptcy is less costly and faster than any other possible option.

    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
      Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

      Wipe out credit card, medical, mortgage, lease, & other debt. Keep car & cash.

    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
      Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

      Take the pressure off now. Payment plans. Debt discharge. Loan modification.

    • Car loan Debt
      Car Loan Debt

      Cosigner/guarantor liability. Unaffordable loans or leases. Abusive interest.

    • Medical debt
      Medical Debt

      Bankruptcy maybe your solution to huge medical bills. Keep money to live on.

    • Credit card
      Credit Card

      Fees, interest & penalties. Reduce/discharge large, unfair credit card debt.

    • Eviction

      Avoid eviction for unpaid rent. Get a fresh start and peace from harassment.

    • Contracts

      Choose to keep, change or cancel large, expensive contracts. Get some relief.

    • Foreclosure

      Stop foreclosure. Force negotiation. Make your mortgage affordable, or cancel.

    • Divorce Debt
      Divorce Debt

      Clean up debt from your divorce. Get the fresh start you desperately need.

    • Gambling Debts
      Gambling Debts

      Bankruptcy maybe your best bet if you’re drowning in gambling debt. Call now.

    • Mortgage Debt
      Mortgage Debt

      Modify/cancel your mortgage. Reduce interest or principal, or extend the term.

    • Tax/IRS Debt
      Tax/IRS Debt

      Freeze interest & penalties. Discharge debt. Refund protection. Payment plans.

    • Leases & Timeshares
      Leases & Timeshares

      Break lease, timeshare agreements. Renegotiate/extend payments. Stop eviction.

    • Liens & Judgments
      Liens & Judgments

      HOA, IRS & statutory liens. Protect your home, vehicle, income & bank account.

    • Personal Guarantees
      Personal Guarantees

      Unfortunately bankruptcy is often the only way out of personal guarantees.

    • People with Disabilities
      People with Disabilities

      Disability benefits are often safe in bankruptcy. Call & see what we can do.

    • Secured Loans / Debts
      Secured Loans / Debts

      Stop harassment. Avoid deficiency judgments. Potentially keep your house/car.

    • Unsecured Loans / Debts
      Unsecured Loans / Debts

      Judgements, credit card & medical debt. Bankruptcy maybe the simplest option.

    • Credit Repair
      Credit Repair

      After bankruptcy we can help repair your credit & stop continuing harassment.

    • Veterans & Active Military Members
      Veterans & Active Military Members

      National Guard, reserves & disabled veterans. Special rules may apply for you.

    • Loan modification
      Loan Modification

      You maybe eligible for lower interest, a longer term or reduced principal.

  • Business Bankrupcty

    Business Bankruptcy

    Bankruptcy is an essential business tool and not one that you should be afraid of.

    Risk is the heart of the capitalist system and bankruptcy is the tool you use when your risks don’t work out. It gives you the opportunity to start again, or simply to renegotiate so that your creditors become partners in your success rather than adversaries. Your creditors are investing in you when they give you a loan, usually hoping to make a very large profit, and when things don’t go well, there is nothing wrong with asking them to share in the bad times as well as the good.

    • Small business
      Small Business

      Stop hardships from leases, taxes, lost accounts. Save/liquidate the business.

    • Corporate

      Restructure debt, reorganize the firm, renegotiate contracts, free up capital.

    • LLC

      Close the company with no debts or renegotiate for lower prices & more time.

    • Chapter 7
      Chapter 7

      Close the business, walk away debt-free, enjoy a second chance & better life.

    • Chapter 11
      Chapter 11

      Restructure debt, reorganize the firm, renegotiate contracts, free up capital.

    • Business-Loans
      Business Loans

      Cancel/modify inventory, equipment, startup & expansion loans. Be profitable.

    • Tax Debt
      Tax Debt

      Freeze interest & penalties. Discharge debt. Payment plans. Stop being afraid.

    • Restructure Debt
      Restructure Debt

      Stay in business. Make your payments affordable. In-court & out settlements.

    • Lawsuit & Judgments Debt
      Lawsuit & Judgments Debt

      ankruptcy maybe smarter than litigation when everybody is out to get you.

    • Lease Agreements
      Lease Agreements

      Commercial leases & personal guarantees are top causes of bankruptcy. Call us.

    • Layoffs

      Manage layoffs strategically: communication, unpaid wages, contract claims.

    • Contracts

      Exit/amend unfavorable agreements. Enter into new ones. Be profitable again.

  • Bankruptcy Litigation / Adversary Proceedings

    Bankruptcy Litigation / Adversary Proceedings*  This is an actor portrayal of a judge and any resemblance to a real judge is purely coincidental.

    Bankruptcy litigation is unique in that some of the rules apply like in regular court…

    …but other times special bankruptcy court rules apply. This gives a big advantage to whomever best knows the rules. When deciding whether to file bankruptcy, it is important that the law firm understands your specific situation and is strategic about the exact time and place that you file. The success of your entire case depends on the intelligence of your bankruptcy strategy.

    • Fraudulent Conveyance Actions
      Fraudulent Conveyance Actions

      We defend against actions by creditors & trustees seeking to cancel transfers.

    • Non-Dischargeability Actions
      Non-Dischargeability Actions

      Don’t let a non-dischargeability action succeed & ruin your financial future.

    • Preferential Transfer Actions
      Preferential Transfer Actions

      Defend against trustee & creditor actions to confiscate your company’s money.

    • Objections to Discharge
      Objections to Discharge

      Surprise objections destroy completely valid bankruptcies. We can defend you.

    • Wage Garnishment
      Wage Garnishment

      Force professional wage thieves to justify their actions. Watch them vanish.

  • Bankruptcy Alternatives

    Bankruptcy Alternatives

    Bankruptcy is a fantastic tool for avoiding financial problems.

    Bankruptcy is a fantastic tool for avoiding financial problems, but there are times when it is not the best solution – maybe it won’t even work at all. When evaluating your situation, we will consider your complete financial situation and discuss the options that make the most sense for you. We may even come up with a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C, and depending on how certain creditor(s) react we’ll adjust our strategy accordingly.

    • Bankruptcy Avoidance Litigation
      Bankruptcy Avoidance Litigation

      If a few unfair contracts are the culprits, suing them directly maybe easier.

    • Loan Modification & Debt Restructuring
      Loan Modification & Debt Restructuring

      If a bad loan alone is the main problem, modification maybe the best solution.

    • Out-of-court workouts & turnarounds
      Out-of-court Workouts & Turnarounds

      Save time & money: negotiation, payment proposals & business plans.

    • State and federal receiverships and dissolutions
      State and Federal Receiverships and Dissolutions

      Court-appointed oversight. Manage business neutrally until dispute resolved.

    • Deed-in-lieu transactions
      Deed-in-lieu transactions

      Stop foreclosure. Protect your credit. Avoid bankruptcy & deficiency judgment.

    • Disposition of Distressed Assets
      Disposition of Distressed Assets

      We assist you in selling distressed assets & making sure all claims are gone.

  • Creditor & Trustee Representation

    Creditor & Trustee Representation*  This is an actor portrayal of a judge and any resemblance to a real judge is purely coincidental.

    When there are piles of creditors it might not make any sense for you to even make your claim…

    …but when you’re a secured creditor, the largest creditor or sometimes even the only creditor who will even come to court, there maybe a great reason for you to do so. Oftentimes people put their house and cash in other people’s names, sometimes put them in LLC’s or just pay creditors who provide essential products or services, and think they’re safe.

    • Secured Creditors & Landlords
      Secured Creditors & Landlords

      Unpaid secured creditors & landlords may ask permission to foreclose or evict.

    • Distressed Asset Purchases
      Distressed Asset Purchases

      Sometimes we can negotiate an asset sale. You earn more, they move on.

    • Preferential Transfer Actions
      Preferential Transfer Actions

      Suddenly bankrupt debtor paid others ahead of you. Get that money back!

    • Fraudulent Conveyance Actions
      Fraudulent Conveyance Actions

      It’s both common & illegal for people to conceal their assets and cry poverty.

    • Non-Dischargeability Actions
      Non-Dischargeability Actions

      Stop fraud, theft or injury judgments from being voided in bankruptcy court.

    • Trustee Services
      Trustee Services

      We’ll recover money and property fraudulently or preferentially transferred.

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