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Sample Bankruptcy Cases

These examples are very typical of the kinds of financial problems we deal with:

Joe is considering bankruptcy for his chocolate distributorship, but he believes he can turn things around. We decide to lay off everyone except the commissioned salespeople, negotiate for more time with the creditors and aggressively collect on past due receivables.

Lizzie works for the city. She has a steady income and is current on her mortgage, but her home equity loan is in default. The bank sold her loan and the buyer is looking to foreclose if she doesn't make a large cash payment soon. We file bankruptcy and negotiate a loan modification allowing her to make steady monthly payments and get current again.

Henry opened a restaurant which went out of business. He owes sales and payroll taxes to the government, and has substantial personal liability on the lease which the landlord will not negotiate. We make a payoff plan with the government, and file bankruptcy to eliminate the personal lease obligations.

Jack loaned Freddie $150,000 to help him buy and renovate a new office building. Freddie signed a promissory note to repay the money but has not done so. Jack wants his money back and we will get a judgment against Freddie and collect it through some combination of "freezing and seizing" his bank account, garnishing his paycheck and foreclosing on the building.

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Consumer Bankruptcy

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Business Bankrupcty

Cleaning up isn't hard to do. Taking the first step is what's hard. Let's work together and make tomorrow a better day.

A lot of New York business owners misunderstand bankruptcy.