Business Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy can enable a financially distressed New York corporation to stay in business.

It’s very common for a corporation to get to a point where it’s in over its head in debt. There are so many moving parts to the day-to-day activity of a business; a glance at the books can reveal expensive contracts entered into by the business, overdue balances to contractors and suppliers, and an amount of cash on hand that is much lower than you’d thought. More serious matters may be a discovery that you owe significant back taxes, that a lien has been filed against your business, or that you’re unable to meet payroll…

For the most part, corporations reorganize via Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Corporate reorganization and restructuring is a very complex procedure; legal representation is absolutely required. The experienced attorneys at Bailyn Law handle corporate bankruptcy proceedings thoroughly and efficiently, leaving no detail unaddressed. Call us today for a consultation.

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