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    Disputing Deceptive Or Illegal Billing Practices

    As a New York business owner, you may feel powerless and at the mercy of a company that is billing you unfairly.

    It is quite common for large companies, such as utility providers, to engage in deceptive – and oftentimes illegal! – billing practices. Since these entities frequently possess monopoly or semi-monopoly market power, they unfortunately get away with doing this to countless customers who feel that they have no recourse and that their hands are tied. Smaller firms, such as energy and technology companies, often engage in these practices too. Although they do not have the market power of the larger companies, they frequently stonewall any attempts at contact on the part of the person or business being billed, and sometimes bill for services without any authorization at all on a customer’s part.

    Have you been overbilled, or billed for services you never authorized? Have you been threatened with an interruption of existing services until you pay these charges? Have you cancelled services and are still being billed? Is there a company billing you that you’ve never even set up an agreement with? Did a salesperson visit your business and deceptively obtain “permission” to bill you for something you never agreed to?

    At Bailyn Law, we fight back for you! We will aggressively complain to regulatory authorities on your behalf, and litigate if necessary. We don’t stop: we call. We email. Frequently. We ask a heavy volume of questions. We are relentless! Our actions force the authorities, and eventually these rogue companies, to keep prioritizing our clients’ issues until we achieve some measure of justice. We have been very successful at fighting this kind of abuse of market power over small businesses and non-profits. We want to fight for you too! Please call us at 646-326-9971 for a free consultation.

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Bailyn Law provides comprehensive legal and advisory services in the fields of bankruptcy and out-of-court debt workouts. We serve companies and individuals who wish to restructure their businesses or their finances to improve liquidity and increase profitability. We also advise creditors seeking to protect their legal rights and economic interests.

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