Gambling Debts

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It happens. You find yourself deep in debt as a result of gambling.

Everything you’ve worked for is suddenly at risk: you’ve borrowed to the hilt already, and now a casino is suing you to collect on a marker. The stress this can cause is immeasurable – not only to you, but to your family.

In many cases, bankruptcy can help in a situation involving gambling debt. But this is definitely not an action you should consider taking on your own. The laws relating to gambling in New York are very, very detailed and complex. You need to know precisely what you are doing when you file for bankruptcy in circumstances that involve gambling, and that is why representation by a practiced bankruptcy attorney who is knowledgeable in THIS SPECIFIC AREA is ESSENTIAL.

We know bankruptcy law, and we know the gambling laws. Call us today to find out how we can help you with this serious matter before it becomes worse.

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