Unsecured Loans/Debts

Consumer Bankruptcy

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Unsecured debt refers to loans and debts that are not “secured” by property such as a house or a car.

Personal bank loans, credit card balances, and medical debt are all examples of unsecured debt. These, and certain other types of unsecured debt are dischargeable in a bankruptcy proceeding, which means that they can be eliminated and you will not have to repay them.

You may have never envisioned yourself filing for bankruptcy, and view it as a personal failing on your part. This is far from the case! In this day and age, good, hardworking people from all walks of life are finding themselves in staggering amounts of debt, and have found relief through Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings represented by our experienced attorneys here at Bailyn Law. Medical debt, especially, has caused an increasing number of bankruptcy filings; caring for one’s health, unfortunately, can come at a high cost.

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