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We believe in the "broken windows" theory of law enforcement as it applies to collections and judgments. What that means is you have to be tough on small infractions because they lead to large infractions. There are some collections firms that will take on any matter, hoping to settle for pennies on the dollar. We take on matters we believe in, and we fight to receive what is legitimately owed under the law, including interest and legal fees.

Commercial Debt Collection

CEO realizes there is $300,000 in contracts where the services were received without objection but the client firms never paid. Ad Agency's standard contract requires client firms to pay Ad Agency's legal fees, so Ad Agency is able to recover what they are owed without cost to their firm. Ad Agency will likely see a nice boost in revenues immediately as some firms usually pay as soon as they get the legal letter, some firms are likely to pay as soon as we sue, and some firms are likely to pay eventually when a judgment is entered against them.

Typical Commercial Debt Collection Cases #1:
Ad Agency is trying to raise cash to invest in a new project

Three years ago there were eight units more than 60 days behind on their rent of which five units were more than 90 days behind and two units were more than 180 days behind. Owner hired a "tough" law firm to get control of the situation. There are now twelve units more than 90 days behind and 8 units more than 180 days behind. Owner's cash flow is being depleted, the sales/collateral value of his building is going down, and Owner cannot afford to maintain the building the way the paying Tenants expect it to be maintained. Tenants are non-renewing. Owner decides he needs a truly professional collections firm on the case, not a tough-talking real estate lawyer.

Typical Commercial Debt Collection Cases #2:
Owner has a sixty unit commercial building in Brooklyn.

Many physician groups purchased it. Some physicians ran into hard times. Their groups broke up, they were dropped by major insurance carriers, they lost key hospital affiliations, or some other unfortunate event occurred. They ceased making payments. Equipment Manufacturer needs a good, professional commercial finance and collections firm to make sure their newly sold equipment is properly secured, to guard their equipment and financial rights in bankruptcy cases, and to foreclose on practices and groups that refuse to pay, as well as collect any deficiencies in court.

Typical Commercial Debt Collection Cases #3:
Equipment Manufacturer makes a cosmetic medical device popular with physicians.

Commercial Judgment Enforcement

OOSLF now needs a professional collections firm to properly discover, attach and levy on NYSC's assets before they are all moved out of reach and become far harder and more costly to collect on.

Typical Judgment Enforcement Cases #1:
Out-of-State Law Firm ("OOSLF") sued New York State Corporation (NYSC) in Wisconsin and won a $350,000 judgment.

Jack locked Jill out of the business and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars belonging to Jill. Jill sued and won a $650,000 judgment. Jack immediately gifted a paid-off $350,000 rental property to his daughter and took a $450,000 loan against his paid off home, stashing the money in a Florida LLC and in various retirement accounts. Jill needs a professional, skilled commercial collections firm skilled in judgment enforcement to cancel out his illegal transactions and lock up the funds before he fully depletes them.

Typical Judgment Enforcement Cases #2:
Jack and Jill are business partners.

She is entitled to a $150,000 commission which she never received. She sued and got a judgment which was entered as a lien on the building. She now wishes to foreclose on the lien to collect her commission. She needs a highly effective, professional commercial collections firm to achieve her goals.

Typical Judgment Enforcement Cases #3:
Larisa is a commercial real estate broker who found a major tenant for Landlord.