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    Commercial Collections & Judgement Enforcements

    YIf you’re like most businesspeople here in New York, you go into business thinking of the profits you will generate and the success you will have.

    You’re not thinking about what’s going to happen if customers and clients don’t pay you!

    Unfortunately, you have to think this way, though. The sad fact is that there are a lot of people with zero respect for the law or their contractual obligations. And you’re probably going to run across more than a few of them throughout the lifetime of your business. You’ll provide them with products and/or services in good faith, send them an invoice, and then never hear from them again.

    You may have an accounting staff member whose job it is to reach out to late payers. This employee might come to you – maybe already has come to you – to say, “Joe Schmoe at Schmoe & Co. hung up on me when I called him today about his balance. He told me to tell you to go ahead and sue him!” You decide to take matters into your own hands and visit Joe at his office. His receptionist tells you he’s not there. As you’re leaving, you see him “flip you the bird” through the window! It happens. If you’ve landed on this page, it may have already happened to you. And it can get worse than that. You may not believe that someone who owes YOU money would threaten you for asking to be paid, but it happens…

    Not all delinquent accounts are rude, of course. Sometimes they’ll tell you they can’t pay. They’re nice about it, but that doesn’t change the fact that now YOU’RE not getting paid.

    When it comes to collections, there are no two ways about it: you need the power of a strong attorney in your back pocket. We are experienced financial litigators. We know how to get through to the tough cases while ensuring your business keeps the good reputation it’s earned. When someone says, “we cannot pay”, we don’t take them at their word. We are experts in uncovering hidden assets, and will sue if necessary to undo any sort “asset protection”. Our objective is to get our client paid.

    We have been successful in collecting delinquent balances on behalf of our business clients. Once we take on your case, the chances are good that it will be resolved much more quickly than you thought, and full payment or a payment arrangement might occur without us even having to set foot in a court. We see through all the games and we know how to speak the language. We get results.

    If you have an account that needs to be collected, or a judgement that needs to be domesticated and/or enforced, please call us at 646-326-9971. We’re ready to get you paid!

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