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You hope, as a New York business owner, that you are hiring quality employees who have the interests of your company at heart and will give their best efforts to contribute to your success.

You know, however, that you will make some staffing decisions that don’t turn out as planned. In today’s world, you’re likely to encounter at least one – probably more than one – employee who puts you in a situation in which you need to reach out to an attorney.

A former employee may sue, alleging wrongful termination or failure to pay wages or commissions allegedly owed. A current one may file a discrimination lawsuit. You may get wind of the fact that someone who used to work for you has taken your trade secrets to another company, or violated the terms of a non-compete agreement.

Our attorneys are experienced and adept at representing you in any of these circumstances. Our goal is to bring the matter to a swift and decisive resolution and an outcome favorable to you. Please call us to schedule a consultation.

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