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Our New York attorneys have represented both the lessor and the lessee side in designing solid equipment leasing contracts.

Some business owners view the leasing of equipment as fairly straightforward, open and shut, and wonder why they might need the services of an attorney in going over a lease for office equipment, vehicles, or the like. Well, what if the equipment malfunctions? How long would your business be able to continue functioning without a printer, or trucks, or a Hi-Lo forklift? If you’re leasing any of this equipment right now, would you be able to tell me, if asked, how long it would take for the equipment to be replaced if this happened…or if, under your current contract, it even would?

If you are the lessor of the above equipment, legal assistance in crafting customized lease contracts is of extreme importance, as the leasing of equipment IS your business. You want to make sure, in your agreements, that absolutely everything is clear and that there is no room for interpretation. You also want to maintain a reputation as a fair company to do business with. Good contracts will result in both these things happening.

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