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The Internet has, for the most part, made a positive impact on our world.

We have access to more information than ever before. The number of people we have the opportunity to network with, both personally and professionally, is limitless. That said, chances are that you have run into an unpleasant situation or two online. The technology that enables us to connect and share with each other is, unfortunately, the same technology that allows people to say negative and harmful things about one another. For a business, it can take just one online comment – even if it’s an out-and-out lie – to alter the public’s perception of the company. The same applies to an accusation or other statement made online about an individual. That’s why it’s important to understand the laws surrounding defamation, libel and slander in New York.

Defamation, according to New York law, refers to “a false statement that is published or made known to a third party – deliberately or with negligence – without the knowledge or consent of the subject.” Defamation in writing, such as in a Facebook or blog post, is called libel. Spoken defamation, for instance on a podcast or YouTube video, is called slander.

New York law contains different criteria that must be satisfied in order for a statement to be deemed defamatory. If something has been said about you on the Internet – or anywhere, for that matter – that you maintain is untrue and that you feel has caused harm to you or your business, please reach out to us so that our attorneys can examine the matter and determine whether you have a case to file a defamation lawsuit.

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