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Every day, more and more New York City businesses are sharing space.

Perhaps you find yourself with more space than you need at the moment, and are looking to sublease. Perhaps you have a new business and would like to sublet office space from an existing tenant in a building. Subleasing can be a win-win situation for the parties involved, but it’s important that both prime tenant and subtenant consult qualified, competent attorneys with strong knowledge of New York City real estate law. A sublease, like any lease, is a legal document. And in New York City, anything involving real estate is by its very nature complex. Our attorneys will negotiate the best arrangement for you, whether prime tenant or subtenant. This includes the rent amount, the lease duration, furniture, access to common areas such as rest rooms, break rooms and conference rooms, sharing of Internet, electricity and other utilities, and more. Reach out to us today if you’re interested in exploring subleasing! It’s one of the best ways to cut costs as you propel your business forward.

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