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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Cooperative & Condominium Law

From the tenant’s point of view, leaks happen and nobody wants to take responsibility, huge sums are borrowed and spent with unequal benefit, noise, pet and parking rules are unequally enforced and ownership issues arise, as well as issues of who can legally live in the units. From the board’s point of view, it’s a thankless job.

You can’t make anybody happy for long, even your allies are plotting against you, people are constantly suing the building and withholding rent without justification, you can be held liable for laws you never even knew existed, and one management company takes advantage worse than the next. I have been a coop owner, an apartment owner, a tenant and a coop board member. I’m a a real estate attorney and as such, I provide the level of skillful insight needed to make life more peaceful for my client, whether that is a tenant or a building.

Anyone who has lived in New York City knows that cooperative living is anything but cooperative.