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  • Training Seminars

    Training Seminars

    Nowhere is the law more in flux than in New York.

    And nowhere is the expression, “ignorance of the law is no excuse” more true than in New York City where juries will pummel you if the regulators leave anything left to pummel. Even if you have great, uptodate training materials, employees have a way of skipping things that are difficult or inconvenient.

    For that reason, we offer completely integrated training where we learn how your current workflow works, what your culture is and what training materials your employees consider most relevant and effective. We work with your employees to create training materials and seminars that they will consider valuable and effective and actually use.

    We also offer fully integrated on-boarding services where we will provide periodic compliance training to new employees, promoted employees and employees simply requiring a refresher. We will update our training materials as necessary to keep them relevant to changes in the law.

    • New Employee Onboarding
      New Employee Onboarding

      We’ll craft policies managing the costly liability new hires risk becoming.

    • Sexual Harassment
      Sexual Harassment

      Innoculate your business from this painful liability by educating your staff.

    • Discrimination

      We manage exposure with training, policy review, & oversight of HR responses.

    • Data Protection
      Data Protection

      Manage liability inherent in storing sensitive info for consumers & patients.

    • HR & Benefits
      HR & Benefits

      We draft policies & craft procedures that incentive, motivate & fully comply.

    • Legal Compliance
      Legal Compliance

      Do you know what laws your expected to comply with and how? Ask us.

    • Confidentiality & Trade Secrets
      Confidentiality & Trade Secrets

      Most losses are caused by ignorance, not malice. So training really matters.

    • HIPAA

      We counsel healthcare staff on complex HIPAA obligations, avoiding liability.

    • Custom Seminars
      Custom Seminars

      We’ll provide instruction on any legal, ethical, or risk management issue.

  • Group Legal Benefits

    Group Legal Benefits

    We proudly offer discounted group legal benefits for your employees.

    We constantly receive requests from union members and other people associated with large organizations seeking discounts on real estate and landlord-tenant cases, divorce, traffic court, civil litigation and other matters. We try to work something out privately if there is no deal in place but it is simpler and easier for everyone if they have our contact information ahead of time and know what the pricing is.

    Taking care of your employees this way makes a lot of business sense. As you know, great employees can become terrible employees overnight when consumed with the fallout from a death in the family, a divorce, trouble with their landlord, issues with an accident or being conned by a contractor or relative, etc. By providing them excellent, affordable resources to manage their legal affairs, you’re making it possible for them to stay focused on their responsibilities at work.

    Feel free to give us a call at 646-326-9971 for a custom proposal for your firm.

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