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You may have knowledgeable employees on your staff who handle human resources and benefits for you.

If so, that’s great! A quality employee – especially one who serves as an ambassador of your company to the rest of the team – is worth his or her weight in gold. No matter how good your HR staff is, however, in New York it is essential to have an attorney review every official document you distribute to employees. New York State employment law goes way beyond the federal provisions in every aspect, including employee relations, recruiting and hiring, wages and hours, pay and benefits, time off, health & safety, and termination.

When our attorneys draft and/or modify employee handbooks, benefits summaries and other HR materials, we go beyond ensuring full compliance. We also work hard to create documents that are easy to read, are understandable, and make employees feel like they are valued by the organization. An employee who feels good about his or her job is a loyal employee!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to have your existing HR procedures reviewed and/or modified, call us. We make New York businesses better!

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