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Small businesses don’t have the budgets that larger ones do, and as such, yours may not have a dedicated human resources department.

Many smaller firms will hand a new hire a stack of paperwork, usually including a W-4 and I-9 printed out from the Internet and an employee handbook that was created some years ago and not updated since. Although understandable – as a business owner, you have a number of pressing demands on your attention – this is not a wise way to handle onboarding, especially in New York. The State and City each have a body of highly detailed and specific employment law, and new policies are added quite often. If you skip anything, you are at risk of violating the law.

When you put us in charge of your onboarding, we create a checklist that ensures each new employee completes all of the forms required by law. We design customized documents for our employer clients including employee handbooks, payroll/direct deposit forms, safety manuals, technology policies and procedures, and more. We update these documents as needed for our clients.

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