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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Business Purchase, Sale & Financing

Buying and selling a business is complicated on many levels.
Not the least of which is the level of due diligence which is required on the buyer’s behalf. As the seller, you need to incentivize the buyer to give you the most cash upfront and assume the most liabilities possible so you can move on with your life. As the buyer, you want the most security possible that you’re getting a real business with the sustainable cashflow, liquidity and profitability that the financial statements indicate are there.

If you need a truly excellent lawyer who will maximize your benefits and shield you from liability, you should seriously think about us. Wer’re financial litigators and we understand the ramifications of business transactions a lot better than other attorneys might.

We know how to look behind the numbers and the words of the contract and see what’s really going on. We know for many industries what the numbers should be and what the real risks are, and what will be involved in protecting against them. We know how to evaluate the company’s past litigation and current risk management to determine what its future liabilities are likely to be. Sometimes you just have to factor in the cost of insurance, sometimes the liability risk is so high that you must weigh it against the entire value of the deal.

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