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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Corporate Formation & Governance

We're a financial litigation firm.
Our job is to sue companies, punch through their defenses and get to the gold. Protecting a company and its owners/investors from personal liability and invasion of privacy, and setting it up for success is not black and white. It’s a game of how much time, money and effort you will spend to protect yourself and accommodate your investors vs. how much time, money and effort your opponents will spend to defeat your protection.

There is no silver bullet. Many companies fall down like dominoes when they get sued or investigated. The owners are terrified, even when they have done nothing wrong, and it impacts their health, marriage and family life. It effects employee morale greatly. It’s an emotional battle, not just a legal and financial one.

We can help you to set up a strong, affordable, safe and reliable business that will allow you to meet your capital raising goals as well as protect you from problems raised by customers, activists, government agencies, creditors and fellow owners and shareholders. You will need to follow the proper procedures to keep the protections in place, and you will need to re-evaluate the structure every so often – when your income goes up significantly, when you raise capital, if you must file for bankruptcy, or when you have major changes in your business model, assets or liabilities.

If you’re serious about building a long-term, successful business and want to work with lawyers whom you can both afford and rely on to keep you protected on judgement day (no pun intended!), call us at 646-326-9971.