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Bradley R. Bailyn, Esq., Founder

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is very, very valuable.
Your intellectual property may be 99% of your net worth. It can include your image, you brand, your copyrights, trademarks and patents, your visual designs, photographs, music, computer code and so many more things. Intellectual property is also highly complex because it is a bundle of rights, not a single right. You can use your rights any way you want

from licensing them to an infinite number of people for a recurring fee to selling everything to one company.

Depending on how you structure your intellectual property rights you could make your company highly lucrative to buyers and investors and create huge revenue, or paralyze your long-term ability to benefit from your investment of time and energy and be far less than you could have been.

If you need to protect your intellectual property, we’re a good firm to work with because we’re litigators. It’s our job to figure out what people’s assets are worth and how they can best be monetized for the benefit of their creditors. We have a level of knowledge and understanding that comes from seeing how intellectual property disputes play out in the real world that attorneys would not have who file the papers and never know what came of it.

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Internet-Related Business Contracts

A lot of lawsuits originate from internet-related agreements.
This happens because you’re doing business all over the country or the world with people you’ve never met who use your product or service in ways that you could never anticipate or believe happen in the real world.

The question becomes how well your contract and business structure will withstand challenges not just from honest consumers, but from consumer groups, activists, government agencies suing over state and local laws, law firms that specialize in harassing and extorting honest business owners by seeking out unintended violations of various laws intended to punish some entirely different set of circumstances but which inadvertently cover your company, and totally negligent actions by your own employees which break laws and pin liability right on you in some circumstances.

On a different note, how you handle all kinds of issues from data ownership to intellectual property rights to assignment clauses has an enormous impact not just on your legal liabilities, but also on your firm’s value to acquirers and investors. Most consumers and businesses don’t think too much about what they sign and so you have all the options. But if you don’t play your hand well, you could lose a lot.

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