Voluntary Disclosures

New York City and State Tax Controversies

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Did you know that failure to file a New York State tax return could result in criminal charges?

Failure to file, along with errors, omissions, and other noncompliance, can result in significant monetary penalties being assessed by the State Tax Department – and yes, in some cases, can result in criminal charges.

If you know you are in noncompliance and the State Tax Department has not yet contacted you about it, you can apply for the Voluntary Disclosure Program. If accepted, penalties may be waived and you may be protected from criminal charges being brought up against you.

You can apply for the Voluntary Disclosure on your own, online. It’s preferable, however, to seek the advice of a practiced tax attorney before taking this step. Voluntary Disclosure comes with some risks, and is not the best choice in some cases. If you’re in noncompliance with State taxes, contact us before doing anything.

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